I WFH and my boss and coworkers don’t engage me or give me anything to do , how do I bring it up with my boss?

My boss doesn’t give me anything to do. My coworkers are all “too busy” to meet with me or talk to me. They don’t let me shadow them or explain anything to me. When I ask questions, it feels like they aren’t being transparent. When I send them messages on Teams, they read the messages but do not react or respond. I want to be more involved and engaged. I have a 1:1 meeting with my boss tomorrow (they never did these before because they thought it wasn’t necessary so this is the first one) and I don’t know how to bring it up to him.

I have worked remotely since 2016, for multiple companies. Always was a top performer and such. I’ve worked at present company for 1 year now.

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