At what Point is “Following your dreams, betting on yourself, etc.” More ignorant/hurtful than it is good/exciting? Should a good job hold you back?

I’m a 20 y/o M and have a career that I like (for the most part) with good people. I’m very fortunate for this job but I can’t help but feel that I’m so young to be working 45-50 hours a week in an office. I’ve always wanted to travel and be somewhat nomadic while young. I have no problem working this much, but I’d like to not be behind a desk for 90% of it, and also not be in the town I was born and raised in. Again, I like the people I work for and with, it’s a great environment, but I’ve always sought after doing my own thing. I can’t help but feel like if there were a time for me to move and do what I’ve always wanted to do (travel and find a place to live/work) it would be now while I’m still young and single.

How ignorant/risky/rewarding would it be to leave a career after 2 years without a job aligned in a new city? I’m a hard worker and very motivated so I know I wouldn’t be left homeless; I just might not make as much as I do now until I get settled.

I’ve always been an outgoing person and I’ve always wanted to spend my younger years traveling and experiencing new things. Now the problem is I have a good job holding me back. Would leaving this be a mistake?

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