Bullet points to fill this gap?

I made a thread here a few days ago got a lot of good advice. but something has changed. I now have a recruiter attempting to get me a job with 50% the salary, but I need to fix my resume

How to fill year gap on my resume to send to recruiter tonight:
I just landed a contract role 2 months ago. I have found a new recruiter who is looking over my resume. Originally I had freelance on there but he pressed me on it and I couldn’t explain well so he suggest I take it off. What I did do during this time was day trade and made money doing that, self employed. I also earned a few IT certificates.

I was going to put “Professional Development” self employed basically. But what about for the description with the details I’ve provided? Can someone help me with the bullet points?

I want to be honest what I was doing

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