Employees of the Pokémon Company, what can I do to impress the company?

I (18M) started my uni (Full Sail Uni) to get a bachelor’s degree in game design a few months back. My dream job is to work for the Pokémon company and I’m not sure what to expect once I’m ready to apply years from now. I looked up some job openings and the only one available for my degree is Sr. Game Design in Bellevue, WA. For that position, I’ll need 8-11 years min. of related work exp. The requirements also say I need to be good with Unity and Microsoft Office Suit (I never touched Unity so I’ll have to learn along the way and use Microsoft word for uni). Applying now is foolish so I’ll have to wait out for another opening. For the time being, I’ll have to earn my degree and learn the necessary skills to apply and learn what exactly I need to jumpstart my career. I’m not really sure what to do and the classes at uni seem pretty pointless. I haven’t learned how to use any game engines. Any help/advice would be appreciated!

**Questions below are mainly directed towards the employees working for the Pokémon company:**

What is it like over there?

What requirements will I need to apply (any extra stuff that aren’t mentioned in job postings)?

What interview questions were you asked?

How can I impress the Pokémon company?

Would working in-person be better than remote work?

How can I get in contact with people working in the company so I can be referred/internship down the line?

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