I feel lost trying to figure out what to do long term. What do I do?

I’m about to turn 30 and I’m just so lost about what to do or what to get into long term. I’ve been working in a library the past couple years part time which is good but I don’t have a master’s so I’m very limited in full time work. Previously I had a full time job library job but lost it do to covid. I’ve also in the past couple years tried different side hustles, projects, certificates, etc to try and find something that resonates or works but didn’t have anything successful with those either. I’ve now been working a second job but it’s not really what I want to do, but it’s a job.

I know I need something full time and permanent to afford living as where I am is quite expensive to live. But the frustrating thing is finding out what that is. I know now after some reflection that I need a job that is with people and that I’m helping people. Like something where I’m improving their lives or adding joy. Not like helping physically (ie: doctor) but emotionally/mentally.

I’ve looked into being a teacher, therapist, life coach, etc but I’m just not sure. I am educated and have a bachelor’s degree and a minor and do have work experience.

I guess my question is, do I try and force myself into something I think could be my future job and go through getting more education, experience, etc? Or do I try different jobs in the hopes that one of them clicks or that it leads to something I love?

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