How do I stop my manager from blocking my transfer to another department ?

I have been working for my company for 3 years.

My current boss is trying to block my transfer to another department within the company. I found out that he told the manager of the department that I want to transfer to that I am not a good employee.

The company that I work for is well-known for approving all inter-departmental transfers. How do I stop him from blocking my transfer ? He is well-known for firing a ton of people and our department has the highest turnover rate in the company.

He was alright with me before I requested the transfer but now seems to be extremely upset and wants to get me fired. My August 2022 appraisals conducted by my mamanger were above average and I was given a high raise for the the previous year. My work partner was fired a few months ago for not meeting her responsibilities and I was blamed for not doing my part. My work has become too stressful and I am no longer mentally able to cope.

The HR department manager told me that they are not able to do anything because all managers must approve a transfer in advance before it happens and it seems that the manager of the department that I want to transfer to, did not approve my transfer.

I love my company and do not want to quit.

I would be grateful if you provided me with advice on how to make the transfer happen.

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