Got an extremely good job, but realized I’m being taken advantage of, how should I move forward?

Hey everyone!

I’m 27 years old for reference.

About a year ago, I was working at a bank within a branch. I was excelling extremely well at my job, despite not enjoying it. I received a ton of job offers including: Corporate trust, private banking, business banking and treasury management.

I ended up choosing treasury management and quickly excelled in this position. With this said, I quickly received many dedicated clients who refuse to work with anyone but me.

On top of this, I started working in this position at the same time as a new hire – the new hire is struggling and I’m having to pick up his slack.

After having talks with him, I found out he’s getting paid about $10k per year more than me (I’m making barely $22 an hour or $40k a year), I’m not all about the money – but I hate the idea of me doing someone else’s job and them getting paid more than me.

I received a job promotion offer, but I declined it due to my managers telling me that I shouldn’t take it (this was a mistake). This job required more work with a slightly better pay, but the experience would have looked great.

I’m only 4 months into the position and I’m excelled exceedingly well. It’s becoming overwhelming and I could go back into the branch with less work and receive a higher pay, but the experience doesn’t look as good.

My true passion is in entrepreneurship. Im running a business right now, but still need Consistent income as Im getting married soon and need to provide for my wife. I also want to have enough experience under my belt just incase if entrepreneurship doesn’t work for me.

Im working about 14-16 hour days (8-10 hour days for TM and working until I fall asleep for my business).

Any suggestions on what to do? I truly don’t feel valued. I’m the youngest in the office by almost 10 years. Im looked down on quite often, despite my work ethic proving myself. People are throwing too much work on me while I watch them just sit on their phones all day.

I have 0 passion working in this position, I’ve never enjoyed banking – it’s just a great alternative for good money if my business doesn’t work out.

Thank you!

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