How to proceed after being told position might not be the right fit?

Hey Reddit,

Looking for perspective. I took a position at an organization last year. It was the first of its kind, no real metrics or way to measure success. Throughout this time the position has had its challenges. I don’t think I’m exceeding expectations and I also don’t think I’m doing awful. There’s been no real training or constructive coaching. I feel like I’ve been kind of neglected.

Fast forward to one year later and to yesterday my direct leader and I had a “tough convo” with 9 minutes left in our 1×1.

They started out sharing all the things they love about me and how I am a great fit for the company and culture. It ended with me being told that they worry if I’m the right fit for this role and also if I could thrive in a different position.

The feedback I was given was pretty vague as far as how I’m not doing well. They said I could stay in this current role but the heat will be turned up. They gave me 24 hours to decide and to think on it.

It totally blind sided me because I haven’t been given any negative feedback. To make matters worse I’m a newly diagnosed type 1 diabetic (6 weeks ago) and I desperately need my benefits for the rest of the year. I’m scared to tell them to move me because they didn’t have a position in mind.

So I’m asking Reddit what should I do? How do I navigate this. It’s very frazzling. The company is okay. But ultimately my goal is to leave after February where
we get the EoY bonus.

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