did it become a must to enter the gossip circle in modern work society?

I moved to a new job about 5 months ago, it was a major change in my life, new city, new career path, and a new work system.

In order to have better experience, I studied the issues that faced me in my old job deeply and came up with things to avoid, things to improve, etc. A major source of issue was gossiping, it affected me very badly back then so I decuded to stay out of it.

Colleagues started trying to drag me into it about a month after joining, at the beginning I’d ignore the subject and act like it’s none of my business. Later on whenever someone was gossiping I started saying something along the lines “lets better discuss how to improve our work rather than wasting time like this” suddenly I feel some acrimony towards me in the air.

About a month ago I started listening passively and giving them the reactions they want to hear, without passing anything from my side, and they started acting friendly again.

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