Can anyone help with coming up with an appropriate job title for this specific role?

My partner works in a large tech company and she reports directly to the CEO. However, she’s always had an unusual position – being directly brought in to work on special projects, she never really went through the hierarchy in a standard way. She is now about to be promoted to a significant role in the company. As her job is specific, HR have asked her to help with the title as it doesn’t fit the standard company structure and also needs to show seniority.

Her work has always been and will continue to be around content – creating, curating, editing, with the goal of innovating the content and engaging the audiences globally. She currently has the title of Senior Manager. She is supposed to take a significant official role in this field and build it up, including getting people directly under her (as opposed to working across teams and managing different members, but working mostly on her own). She will still be reporting directly to the boss of the company.

Our initial thinking is that the title should reflect her work description (engagement, content, innovation), but also have strong seniority (we’re thinking, above director level but beneath C-suite).

Can anyone help with any advice or come up with a job title you think would well reflect the above? Has anyone ever been in a similar position?


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