finished basics, what should I pursue?

Finished my basics, unsure on what to peruse

I (19) finished a majority of my core classes in high school. Degree plan was associate of general study with a certificate in medical assisting.

Got certificate, pandemic hits and couldn’t gain internship through schooling.

I did a gap year and worked at a call center for a health insurance company. Surprisingly did 7 months but was generally unhappy working for a berate and frustrated customers. Work made me depressed.

Went back to community college and decided to chose physical therapy assisting. Becoming depressed and have been slacking off, realized I’m not naturally competitive enough to make this my career.

Program is also very picky. Did a small internship at PT clinic for a month (required before applying to program). I genuinely enjoyed it but I’m academically poor.

Not sure what to pick anymore now:

I’m naturally artistic and creative. I do a lot of crafts, play musical instruments, and crochet on my free time. I can have a really good vivid imagination if given the opportunity.

I like discussing new ideas with others but work best on my own time and space.

I cannot stand for long periods of time and do not have the physical capacity for hard labor.

Interacting and having relationships with coworkers and clients is important to me.

Following strict rules does not match with my morals/expectations

I have an ISFP personality type

Sometimes I take the lead

Science and math aren’t in my interest. I tend to get numbers wrong and make minor mistakes

I don’t always speak my mind

I like to critique

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