Indian doctor planning to take up MBA. Can someone please help me with these?

I have a few doubts if anyone has been in the same boat please help me out.

A) Being a junior doctor the job roles I get, I can’t show that I was responsible for increase in the revenue of the hospital (how to exactly can I show the difference I’ve made?)

B) I’d kove international exposure, but I don’t want to settle in the west. I’d rather be in asia Pacific. Which all top schools can I target other than Insead?

C) I’ve already spent 6 years for my graduation. I have been told that my diversity profile will help me out during admission. What is still the minimum experience I’ll require to get into top schools?

D) I’ve heard it’s not amazing for international students due to discrimination in jobs abroad. Is that really a factor?

Any other advice is welcome as well if anyone from medicine background is applying, please do hit me up.

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