My entire team quit one month into starting my current job. I’m coming up on 6 months, and it’s not getting easier. How do I tell my manager that I am struggling?

Hey yall,

Like the title says, I got this job in May and within a month my team of 4 turned into 1. My direct manager, system admin, and co-developer quit. It’s now November and they still haven’t backfilled all the positions that were opened. I have done my best to learn the ins and outs of their tech stack, I have taken on extra duties with systems I’m unfamiliar with, and I’ve been as optimistic about this situation as I possibly can be.

I still do not feel comfortable at all with my responsibilities. Seeing as how I was doing very basic, ‘treading water’ type work while they hired another developer and an admin, I feel like I’ve barely been able to focus on the job I was hired for.

Now that I am nearly 6 months in, I work with a business analyst who is not a technical person and she brings requests from the business that are outlandish, span multiple systems, and are realistically too much work for one person to do in a 2 week sprint. I know this, but I am unable to properly articulate it as I am still very unfamiliar with their systems. It feels like they will throw anything on my desk, without really thinking about the bigger picture, not giving any thought to how this may affect the user experience, other teams, systems, etc.

I am struggling. I feel like I am the crazy one because NOBODY seems to care. It feels like this is just business as usual for everyone. I’m so bummed out because this job checked so many boxes for me and I was so excited to start. But now I feel depressed, unmotivated, and resentful.

I don’t know what to do. A big part of me wants to stick it out and see that it will get better. The other part of me is ready to throw in the towel. How would this even look on a resume, that I worked at a job for 6 months? I’m not even really sure if this post makes any sense, I’m pretty much just writing my internal ramblings and thoughts that I have on a daily basis. If you made it this far, thanks for reading. I’d love to hear any insight or advice.

Edit: Wow thank you guys so much for taking the time to read my post and comment with your experience and thoughts. I’m really doing my best to respond back to everyone and thank you personally. I’m sorry if I don’t get back to everyone but I’ll at least try to upvote. This is a great community

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