Should I be accepting interviews from roles that I have no interest on but are better than what I have now?

Hello guys, so I have been applying for multiple analyst positions these months (credit, business, financial, and so on). with 0 experience besides a bachelor degree in economic and few personal projects with financial statements. I got my first opportunity for a credit analyst position two months ago but failed at the 5th stage of the interview.

Right now, for some reason I am receiving emails for interviews for different roles and I am wondering if I should be giving it a chance since my current job is just a part time teller at a bank. There is 1 that I know for sure I want which is a financial analyst position, but I dont know if I should also try the interviews for the other positions just in case the financial analyst one fails. For more context, the other interview opportunities are a treasury associate, operation analyst, and tax staff accountant. Im not interested on those positions but should I give it a try anyways or focus all of my effort on landing the financial analyst one? Thank you in advance!

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