At home mom, no ambition, anxiety/adhd?!

Been an at home mom for going on 6 years, I do work but because of babysitter and financial issues we cannot afford a babysitter or childcare and don’t have a large support system so right now I work one day a week and one weekend a month and pick up some here and there when I can. My husband works full time plus has a side job.
I’ve always been an introvert by nature, but I do enjoy the customer service aspect at the jobs I’ve worked. I love helping people, can deal with angry/stressed customers and my favorite job was working at a local community college as the receptionist for advising. I have some anxiety/adhd but I’ve always did ok at my jobs especially once I know exactly what is expected of me. However, I don’t enjoy a super fast paced crazy work environment. Most jobs I do know their is usually a busy season or busier time during the year but year round, not for me.
Honestly I’d rather be at home with my kids but all of them will be in school this coming August and we need me to work! I’m in college now, almost finished with my Bachelors of University Studies, minor in sociology. May continue for my Masters in Sociology.
Honestly, I have no big goals for myself or career, I have no real “dream job” or dream place to work. As it’s getting closer knowing I need to figure this out I have no idea how to start really figuring out what it is I want to do?! 🤦🏼‍♀️ I’m terrible at math so it really limited what I have taken in college since I cannot pass college algebra but honestly I enjoy sociology but have read it’s a useless degree. Many of the jobs I’ve seen locally that actually pay decent want a bachelors degree and felt it would be a smart move while I’m home to obtain one. If you’ve gotten this far thanks!
Ideas? Suggestions? Advice? Anything is appreciated…

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