Am I delusional with my current salary expectations after getting my education?

$60k in personal loan debt, 14k in credit card debt, $80k in student loan debt, no degree, 22 years old

So I’m 22 years old, no degree, making $19 an hour in Florida. I’m in obscene amounts of debt, almost a combined $140k. Credit score has collapsed and gone to 514. My personal loans were to start a business, that failed horrendously and are at 20% interest. My student loans were to pursue college, but I dropped out to start the business.

I went from living on my own at 19-21, $150k liquid cash from the business started all on my own, staying at luxury hotels, buying $500 drinks (ik stupid) to now living back at my parents house working for $19/hr.

My monthly debt expenses are $2500 a month
And my salary pays me $2600 a month (after taxes). I was about to declare bankruptcy (because what the fuck is that) and my mom (god bless her soul) agreed to consolidate the debt off my personal loans, and I can pay her $400 a month for 12 years.

Now this (consolidating) isn’t happening for a while, so till then she’s helping me with the payments.

Im picking up another job on the weekend making $16 an hour working 12 hours on Saturday and Sunday.

This adds up to about 64 hours a week.

Which means I should be bringing in an extra $1200 a month so that’s around $3800 a month

In the meantime I’m planning on going to school at WGU (online school) simultaneously.. $3700/every 6 months.

To get my bachelors in Health care administration, and masters in Health care administration

I was an EMT for 5 years and a Unit service rep for a surgical floor for 3 years and now a hospital service coordinator

So I was thinking postgrad my experience should get me a $80-90k

I guess my questions are…

Am I delusional with my current education/salary expectations?

After I graduate I should have 5 years in clinical experience (EMT) and a combined 5 years non clinical healthcare experience, should that be enough to move me to that 80-90k income range as a MHA?

Should I live with my parents until I graduate?

What more can I do to fix this situation?

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