What is some unprofessional behaviors to look for when you are on an interview for any job?

This is just for future reference. In the past I have had been on a couple of interviews that I was told was told had unprofessional behavior. The first job I had was right out of high school and last until probably my first year of college. It was a retail job at a kiosk, those mobile stores on charts. Anyway I went to the kiosk for my interview and the manager was eating her lunch. Another interview I was on and this was about three of four years ago. The guy that did my interview was dressed like he was going to work in the yard, cargo shorts, ugly sneakers and a t-shirt, also his kid was hanging out in the room during the interview and the kid interrupted the interview. My family said these kind of actions are not professional, are they right or are they making a big deal out of nothing?

I guess the reason why I’m asking is that want to know if the behavior of the interviewer is a red flag about the company?

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