Thoughts on leaving a company you love?

Hi there! I’ll be super transparent to begin this: I’m really prone to hearing someone say something or reading something online and taking it very personal or to heart… bad habit I know lol. I started working full time right out of college last august, and I’m at a company I love. I really enjoy my team, my job, I make great money being fresh out of college… it’s basically everything you could ask for! Here’s my issue: I’ve heard/read/been told that you shouldn’t stay at a company forever. You should bounce around, get more money by bouncing, learn new experiences, etc etc. it’s overwhelming for me because I feel like I messed it up by coming to my dream company right out of college. I enjoy my state, and it isn’t in the city and feel like the only companies I’d even be interested in are out of state, so that stresses me out too because I feel like opportunities outside of the company I’m at now are limited since I want to stay in my state.

Long story short: thoughts on the idea that you HAVE to leave a company you love / shouldn’t stay somewhere forever, or at least a long time????

Sincerely, a very stressed 24 yr old 🥲

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