will I have remorse for leaving a stressful job?

Hello all

I am wondering if anyone has been in the same boat or has some advice e to give.

I am currently a manager for a large hospitality chain. We manage short term rental homes in a tourist destination. I have a great team who works their literal a** off everyday in the snow, heat and any weather. I love the team. I would have to say I’m not overly passionate about hospitality. Primarily the 24/7 demands. While I do have a pretty flexible schedule, any moment my life can stop to help an escalated home owner or guest.

The company isn’t prepared for the huge growth it set. Priorities are huge and ever changing. We don’t have time to complete tasks and generally have far more qork than 8 hours a day. This leads to defeat daily. We are never given a chance to celebrate a victory before a new priority is literally barked at us in a sergeant style manner.

I don’t feel recognized for the work I have done. I don’t even feel appreciated. However if I slack, whether it be midnight or noon I am harassed by my superiors. I am holding up 3/4 of the designated area due to turnover and everyy mistake whether it be microscopic or huge (it happens I try but sometimes with the overwhelming work load things simply get forgotten or pushed aside).

I was approached by a prior employer. I was immediately empowered because they know my skills and they asked me to work for them. I previously left due to work/life balance which they have spent years perfecting and even unionized to ensure employee satisfaction.

I would be taking a demotion but I felt so ecstatic to be recognized by someone. To have the skills I have spent years perfecting highlighted immediately where my current emoyer doesn’t even know i have these skills. I specialize in department building and management. I build teams/ find gaps in teams and then help leadership make it better. I was really successful at my previous company. My current company, though I have mentioned several times I can help, takes this as a threat ans I am silenced. Told to just focus on my area they are working on it. I have been told good things are coming for a year.

My fear is, if I quit 1 I will let my team down. They are not fans of my upper management. They don’t like the almost inhumane treatment and I buffer to ensure everyone stays motivated. 2 Also what if it does get better and I quit the week before it does?

Does this make sense. I feel rambling but my head is spinning and whenever I think I can’t take anymore I get a little crumb of hope at my current job. However, I liked being Immediately validated and these skills I’m kind of losing being useful in another area where I have more power to help.

Has anybody ever been in a similar spot? Any advice?

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