Leaving job after 3 months- how to explain in cover letter?

I’ve been at my current job 3 months but I just saw a posting for a remote position that is a better fit for me. This is my first job in the healthcare industry, but I’m in an entry level customer service role. I want to apply for this remote job since it is essentially exactly what I’m doing now. I love my job but currently I am losing money at the job I’m at due to low pay and I do not have much savings. My monthly income after taxes would cover all my books, but transportation costs are putting me in the negative and this remote position has better pay.


I have never left a job this early, I have stayed at all my previous positions for 1.5-3 years so I’m not sure if I should include this job on my resume even though it shows I have all the skills to do this job. Do I include it or leave it out? And if I include it, how would I explain why I’m leaving so soon? It feels like a bad move to say it’s just financial.

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