What kind of career is this?

Hi everyone! I think I’ve started to somewhat narrow down what path I want to take career wise now that I’m 24 and have been in the workforce for a while. However, I don’t really know what career this is/how to get into this?

Right now I work sales for a tech company and while I don’t care too much about the actual selling, what I’ve learned that I’m more interested in- is our product. I enjoy learning more about our product, it’s capabilities along with what the market has to offer, how we make ourselves stand out from competition, how we are improving our product & a bit of how we sell that to potential customers. I would be interested in a job that lets me learn that while also contributing to talks around product/market development. Learning the ins and outs of a specific space in the market and what customers want to see sounds really interesting. I went to undergrad for a degree in criminal justice so completely unrelated because I didn’t know what I wanted to do but knew I had to go to college.

Does anyone know what career path this is? What job title? And how on earth do I get into doing something like this.

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